Alphabet's curriculum design is inspired by the most innovative internationally-acclaimed teaching techniques around the world. Curriculum is designed to empower each individual child to become successful inquirers, competent communicators, problem solvers and responsible citizens. Children are valued as unique and competent individuals who bring with them their very own identity, strengths, potential, talents and gifts

The Alphabet's cutting-edge curriculum develop children to become active, competent and self-directed learners. Innovative teaching and learning strategies are employed to challenge children to ask questions, be curious and inquire; to think critically and creatively. These strategies effectively challenge children to engage their minds, hearts and hands to learn.

The learning and development of the children is not just confined to the internal setting of the school but is extended to the spacious and safe outdoor play area. We view the external environment as another classroom. This allows the children to explore their surroundings and exercise their imagination.



Story-based experiences that integrate language and math complemented by extensions into gross motor activities, Little Chef, Outdoor Learning Experiences.

Project Work

Working in groups, children undertake project inquiry to investigate various topics of interests.

Letter learning

Learning of letter sounds and letters of the alphabet through visual, auditory and experiences centered Letter learning.

Creative Play

Creative construction, socio-dramatic, cognitive and manipulative play that engage children in creative, social and physical play while providing a platform for communication, collaboration, creative thinking and problem solving.


Project Work

Project work engages children in initiating, selecting and exploring topics of interest for inquiry, leading to construction of new knowledge.

Literacy Curriculum

Learning and acquiring literacy skills – print concepts, writing and spelling conventions punctuation, sentence construction, word skills, phonetics and reading through Phonics and Literacy Workshop.

Creative Curriculum

Art Alphabet and Fitness Fun are implemented as core creative curriculum experiences. Little Chef and Outdoor Learning Experiences are planned as inquiry and creative projects that promote children’s aesthetic, creative, life skills, social, emotional and naturalistic experiences.

Math Inquiry Curriculum

Learning and acquiring mathematical skills and concepts through inquiry-based and constructive strategies based on a pre-determined developmentally and progressively structured scope and sequence that provides the breadth and depth of learning across age groups.


During the last semester of the Kindy 2 year, children go through a 6 month enhanced preparatory course with a focus transitioning to primary schools. Here, they acquire and apply enhanced literacy and mathematics skills. Self-management, perseverance, risk-taking, critical thinking, and problem solving skills are reinforced as part of the Prep class learning experiences.

Apart from preparing the children at school level, parents are also involved in the transition. Through our home learning activities, which are sent home at the end of each month, parents get used to the idea of having to support and extend their child’s learning across all these skills areas at home.


Nutrition is key for your child’s growth, and at Alphabet, we make sure we provide the very best for your child. Every day, a tasty well-balanced meal is provided for your little one. We mix up the food menu all the time, so your child gets a chance to try different cuisines and learn to foster healthy eating habits from a young age. For children with special dietary requirements, our in-house cooks can also whip up special meals to meet their needs. We welcome parents to have a private consultation with us so that we can better understand and plan for your child’s special dietary needs.

At Alphabet, parents can rest assured that children will not go hungry!

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